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Decorative Mandalas

Super Mandalas Pack Campaign

Decoration Mandalas as Super Mandalas Pack is my first design campaign including 6 special mandalas on strong spiritual themes. All designs are vector exercises on flat colors for simple decoration and easy application.

diva almeida

Final Artist Since 1997

I'm D and D-Art is my created brand to exhibit and promote my artwork based on a final art career of over 25 years, but heavily influenced by a more remote past as a Graham and Classical Ballet dancer, and Music student - a period that spanned my childhood through to adulthood.

Technically, my artwork is characterised by vectorised drawing on a flat colour model for easy application in any printing or cutting technique.

Transform your living space into living soul

6 Super Mandalas from website Gallery for all kind of decoration purpose.

dance theme decoration

Tarot and Focus, Mind Enhancement And Life Reading

Read this very special article for the beginning of 2023, which inspired me to make the special Tarot Mandala and which evokes the power of focus in our lives. Tarot Mandala is also the first mandala in a series of mandalas on the theme.

dance theme decoration
pack campaign
pack campaign

Digital Products and License for Free Use

All designs sold on this website are digital products, directly downloadable, including a license for free use. You can adapt or change any files according to your aesthetic needs without prior notice. You are just not allowed to resale, relicense, sub-license, or freely distribute any of these files.

pack campaign

Vector Designs for All Kind of Decoration

The download package includes svg universal vector file format and pdf file extension that you can import to any graphic application. For any other extensions or any problems encountered as well as for exclusive decorations, please contact me.

pack campaign

6 Inspiring Artworks for Wall Decoration

Meet Other Campaigns

Also check out the Dance Theme Pack Campaign that includes 12 modern dance graphics at 60% off and the Super Gallery Pack Campaign that includes 60 special designs at 70% off.

decorative mandalas

Get All Inspiring Mandalas at 50% OFF

Decorative Mandalas

All my 6 Special mandalas for all kind of decoration purpose.

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