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Imaging simple for space decoration and multi applications

Wall Decoration Gallery Website

Imaging simple for space decoration and multi applications

Creativity takes courage.


Drawing is vision on paper.


An empty canvas is full.


Featured Work

My recent illustration work applied to all forms of reproduction and purpose

  • amazing demoamazing


    Designs 45.00
  • aim demoaim


    Designs 45.00
  • soul dance demosoul dance

    Soul Dance

    Designs 48.00
  • silent demosilent


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  • midnight sun demomidnight sun

    Midnight Sun

    Designs 38.00
  • create democreate


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  • freedom demofreedom


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  • zen life demozen life

    Zen Life

    Designs 18.00
  • wow dance in blue demowow dance in blue

    Wow Dance In Blue

    Designs 52.00
  • wow dance demowow dance

    Wow Dance

    Designs 46.00

Graphic Artist

Welcome to my website!

D-Art is my created brand to exhibit and promote my artwork based on a final art career of over 25 years, but heavily influenced by a more remote past as a Graham and Classical Ballet dancer, and as a Music student, a period that spanned my childhood through to adulthood.

Technically, my artwork is characterised by vectorised drawing on a flat colour model for easy application in any printing or cutting technique.

The website also has a Blog section where I share some technical knowledge related to printing, image development with emphasis on open source tools, curiosities and topics about inspirational motives behind this project.

D Almeida – Final artist since 1997

diva almeida
pre-history wall decoration

Interesting Note

Wall Decoration

Wall painting originated 40 thousand years ago. It represents one of the largest and most significant forms of plastic expression in Human History. Having gone through several periods of great development and others in which it almost ceased to exist, wall art has become a visual record of Human reactions to the dominant environment of each time and often the very representation of that environment, from the cave walls in the Upper Paleolithic to the present day.

Interesting Note

Wall Decoration

Wall painting represents one of the most important and ancient forms of artistic and social expression in Mankind History, originating 40 thousand years ago. It went through long periods of great development, but there were also times when it almost ceased to exist. However, despite its irregular course, this art represents a fundamental visual record of the human relationship with the dominant environment, often the very representation of that environment, from the time of cave painting in the Upper Paleolithic to the present day.

cave era


Two opposing theses, one arguing cave painting with a magical purpose, in order to defeat animals, and the other admitting art as a simple human impulse, a vital need.


Ancient Egypt

In common with the thesis of magic, the Egyptians imprinted on Art their belief in eternity, leading them to search in stone for the forms that would make them immortal.


Ancient Greece

The Greeks were the first concerned with the direct observation of Nature, seeking beauty for itself, representing their gods and heroes in a moral and aesthetic sense.


Medieval Age

Great Christian religious influence of Romanesque art, but the medieval period is eventually marked by the mural painting wane as stained glass emerged.



One of the most fertile periods in the history of Art, it also revived the art of wall decoration, under scientific studies, with a focus on the human body and perspective.


Modern Times

After several periods of near absence, the 20th century brings to mural painting perhaps its highest expression, freed from religion, heir of the past and immersed in social revolution.

Ancient Techique

Decorative Skills

One of the oldest decorative techniques consists in the reproduction of a symbol or character by applying ink through a cut-out or hollow shape. It takes origin in the most ancient times, between 30 thousand and 9 thousand years before the Common Era. And from this simple and smart idea derived the most versatile and fascinating printing technique – the Silk Screen which would also give rise to the term Serigraphy.

silkscreen wall decoration

Ancient Techique

Decorative Skills

One of the oldest decorative art techniques has its origins between 30 thousand and 9 thousand years before the Common Era. It consists of the reproduction of a visual element by applying paint through a hollow shape, what we nowadays call a stencil. From this simple smart idea derived the most versatile and complete printing technique – the Silk Screen, which would also give rise to the Screen Printing and also to the Serigraphy name.

About Decoration

My biggest word of advice that I could give to people that are dealing with a home renovation or decoration is to not think about design as it's been presented to you before. I think everybody needs to start designing based on the moments they imagine having in their home and that is what has guided me as a decorator.

Jeremiah Brent – American interior designer

Latest Posts

The addictive world of printing

All the graphic companies I worked for had owners who were truly passionate about their profession, some of them even spent most of their free time near the machines because the noise lulled them to happiness, “there is nothing more alive than this sound of an offset machine working“, one used to say. So here’s the blog, mostly around printing and the preparation to print.

Making a Silkscreen Print Screen – The Frame

This post makes up the first part of making a silkscreen frame. Remember that silkscreen and print screen refer to the same printing technique. Silkscreen is the term applied to the time when the silkscreen mesh was actually silk, between the 18th century and the first half of the 20th century. Print screen is...
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A Totally Free Dedicated Hosting Provider For Your FOSS Projects

Do you have an open source project that could benefit the community and need a dedicated server to develop it, but don’t have the financial conditions? Or do you know someone in these circumstances? Then apply to FOSSHOST, a high performance and totally free cloud web hosting service. FOSSHOST is...
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D-Art is my personal created brand, a small project from a final artist career

I talk about techniques and concepts linked to printing world, especially screen printing – mainly hand screen printing for the purpose of artistic production; I also talk about graphic tools, with a focus on open and free software. I would like to create some weekly or monthly challenges… Well, let’s keep working :).

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Vector flat color illustrations for decoration purpose.

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Vector flat color patterns for decoration purpose.


Vector flat color mandalas for decoration purpose.

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