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Who I Am

I’m Diva Almeida, usually D Almeida or just D as I like it most, born in 1976, sign Pisces. 

I have been a freelance final art professional since 1997 for all kind of printing technique mostly screen printing and offset, serving Portuguese graphic companies and graphic standards manuals from Spain, England and Portugal. I’ve been also an editorial and web designer, and illustrator. 

Since 2020 I’ve decided to dedicate myself exclusively to the illustration activity, publishing my own work and using all my technical knowledge in terms of my own projects. 

My artistic work ended up being very influenced by this activity as a final artist for 25 years so that all the works displayed on this website are vectorized flat color models for application in any printing, reproduction or cutting technique. Thematically, my artwork is also influenced by a more remote past as a Graham and Classical Ballet student as well musical education that intensely covered about 12 years of my life, from childhood to majority.

About 10 years ago I also started getting interested in the afterlife world becoming a new inspirational source for my creativity.

I’m a big fan of all arts and an enthusiast for sports, mother Nature and technology. This website intends to be not only a place for publishing and selling my artistic work, but also for sharing my technical knowledge through the Blog (whose references for further knowledge you may visit on the Learning Links page). 

Thank you for stopping by, welcome to d-art.work.

gallery color

Color work category; flat colors, gradients and halftones.

gallery monochrome

Monochrome work category; shades of one single color.

gallery patterns

Patterns category; for other decoration purposes.

almeida blog

Explaining some inspirations, sharing knowledge and ideas.

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