A Rare Romance

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A Rare Romance

Was taken in a olive grove, represents the trunk of a century-old olive tree. Respected as sacred, the olive tree embodies strong symbols like peace, wisdom, abundance, glory, beauty, fecundity, and dignity. The oldest living olive tree was born more than 4000 years ago. Important symbol in several religious traditions, besides the mystical, cultural, medicinal and gastronomical ones.

It is part of my photoblog where I have been posting bits and pieces of this hobby of mine. Image processing has always been part of my job as a final artist, but photography itself has always been an amateur interest.

A Rare Romance was photographed with an Olympus camera – F7.1 ISO100 1/250S 40MM.

All designs sold on this website are digital products, directly downloadable so you can print or apply them as you wish. Since all works are intended for decoration, all files include a license for free use, you can adapt or change any files according to your aesthetic needs without prior notice. You are just not allowed to resale, relicense, sub-license, or freely distribute any of these files under any circumstances – read more about it at Terms and Conditions.

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The download package includes jpg file extension – size 4500×3375; resolution 300 DPI. For any issues encountered, please contact me.

Wall psd created by jp3d.visual – www.freepik.com

2 reviews for A Rare Romance

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