Kaleido Mandala


Kaleido Mandala

Kaleido Mandala is a creative exercise on a Mandala. and inspired by the kaleidoscope concept. The word Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit and is regarded as an ancient symbol of healing and spirituality. Mandala also has other meanings, such as Magic Circle or Energy Core, and universally a Mandala is a symbol of integration and harmony, the link between man and the cosmos, a calming tool that I myself often use on very tense days. When I feel very unnerved and decompensated, drawing a Mandala restores my mental and emotional balance.

The kaleidoscope was invented in England in 1817 by the Scottish physicist Dawid Brewster and quickly gained universal enthusiasm. It is an optical device formed by a small rotating cardboard or metal tube, with small fragments of coloured glass inclined and strategically positioned inside, which, through the reflection of the external light, present varied combinations of creative visual effect at each rotated movement.

This category is specially applied to wall decoration, but perfectly adjustable to fabrics printing and any other supports/substrates.

All designs sold on this website are digital products, directly downloadable so you can print or apply them as you wish. Since all works are intended for decoration, all files include a license for free use, you can adapt or change any files according to your aesthetic needs without prior notice. You are just not allowed to resale, relicense, sub-license, or freely distribute any of these files under any circumstances – read more about it at Terms and Conditions.

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The download package includes svg and pdf file extension. For any other extensions or any problems encountered, please contact me.

Wall psd created by jp3d.visual – www.freepik.com


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